Romantic songs over party numbers

Manoj stated that party numbers are meant for dance floors, and no one puts their heart in it. A romantic song stays with you forever. “If you like a romantic number, you can listen to the track for months, whereas party songs lose their steam after sometime. They are intended to give you some adrenaline rush. Of course in my case, I prefer romance. I am known for my romantic songs. But when I’m writing the entire film, I have to get done everything no matter what.”
When a Nazm, Phir Bhi Tumko Chaahunga became the biggest hit
When asked what he focuses on before penning a song, the answer was pretty prompt from Manoj. His absolute focus has been on the ‘situation’, at all times. Sharing a charming story about one of his writings, Manoj said there is a track which he wrote in 2001, when he was not even a part of film industry. He wrote it for himself, for his wife in fact.

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