Rustom, a naval officer, shares a happy relationship with his wife Cynthia. Soon, he discovers her affair with Vikram, a close friend, and is accused of murdering him.

Sanam Re

Akash and Shruti, two classmates in love, are separated due to unforeseen circumstances. Years later, they get a second chance at their relationship when they meet in Canada.


When his daughter is killed by the terrorist he is chasing, Daanish, a cop, swears to seek revenge. He finds a confidante in Pandit, an unassuming grand master, also mourning the loss of his daughter.

Jai Gangaajal

GANGAAJAL told the story of how a society gets the police it deserves. Thirteen years later, JAI GANGAAJAL revisits the dusty heartland of Central India and again examines the society– police relationship to tell us a new story.

Tum Bin 2

After a skiing accident, Taran thinks her fiance is dead and grieves for months. Soon, Shekhar enters her life, helps her rediscover happiness and falls in love with her.


Tara, a married woman, meets Shiv, an elderly professor, at a hospital where their spouses are admitted. The two develop an extraordinary friendship as they get to know each other.


Veerappan, a teenager, trains under his smuggler uncle, Sevi Gounder, and becomes a notorious dacoit. When he learns about a covert operation to arrest him, he does his best to emerge victorious.

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